About us

Shokouh Sanat Espadan Company started its activities in the field of designing and manufacturing of industrial oil units since 2001 and has taken great strides over the past years with the use of technical experts, practical experience and the application of modern knowledge. In order to provide other services in the petroleum industry, it has now focused on consulting, designing, building and launching projects for the downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It has also been able to rely on its design capabilities, Supply and manufacture of process packages and equipment, separation equipment, pipeline equipment in industries Onshore and offshore oil, gas, steel, refineries and power plants have made impressive strides, earning numerous certificates and honors.

Engineering Organization

To support executive projects, Shokouh Sanat Espadan Company has strengthened its engineering organization with expert technical and executive experts as it now has highly capable and knowledgeable design teams on the latest process approaches. Among the organizational design units are:

Stationary equipment
Rotary machines
Metallurgy – Materials
Safety, Health and Environment
Research and Developme

Specialty areas of company activity

Shokooh Sanat Espadan Company specializes in the following areas:

Oil and Gas Production Units
Refinery units
Petrochemical Complexes
Oil and gas transmission lines and petroleum products
Desalination units
Oil and Gas Separation and Purification Units
Oil pumping stations and petroleum products
Gas pressure boost stations
Gas transmission networks
Storage Units and Oil Terminals
Full coverage of control systems
Utilities and Power Units
And the expertise needed to meet the demands of oil bosses

Depending on the nature of the project and the client’s view of the services provided by Shokooh Sanat Espadan Company, services in the form of contracts: Design and Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Installation and Design, Manufacturing and Delivery and Manufacturing and Delivery (EPC Turnkey) is provided.

Services offered in EPC and EP designs include design and engineering, procurement and commissioning, execution and commissioning (as follows:

  1. – Consortium and consortium with accredited domestic and foreign contractors to provide EPC, EP services
    – Performing and providing all design and engineering services including Preliminary Studies, Preliminary Design, Project Cost Estimation, Detailed Design, Project Scheduling, Workshop Engineering and Adaptive Engineering
    – Performing and providing all services related to the procurement of goods and equipment for the project including the preparation of order documents and bidding documents, the preparation of the list of valid manufacturers, the technical and economic evaluation of the manufacturers and sellers proposal, the issuance of orders or contracts, the technical inspection during construction, the transport and maintenance of goods. , Warehouse management and delivery of goods for installation operations

۴ – Execution of building and installation related operations including executive scheduling, operating procedures, equipping the workshop, preparing quality control procedures, enforcing safety regulations, preparing materials and equipment, preparing tools and machinery, constructing temporary installations and buildings, providing power. Human Requirements, Building and Installation Operations, Performing Necessary Tests, Periodicals Reporting, As Built Mapping, Bootstrap, Commissioning, Experimental Operations, Warranty Periodic Maintenance, Disadvantages and Defects in Warranty Period, Procurement Final design report

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